a dynamic light facade at university of applied sciences in Augsburg



The installation does not just use the face of the building as a display, but develop the glass facade to an integral light sculpture. The structure of the facade builds the grid for the matrix, used for the light installation. Transparency is the key to intersection between the inside and the outside world. Due to the strict lines of architecture a reduced and line-focused form is developed.

The architecture is enlarged by LUMATIK for one important aspect - dynamics. The installation is changing its outside appearance dynamically. Its surface produces a variety of flowing abstract patterns, fluently growing up to slowly vibrant waves.

The patterns are produced in realtime. They are generated in the very same moment as seen by the viewer. The whole situation in front of the facade is integrated in the process of producing these patterns. All different movements on cross-way, sidewalk, tramway rails are analyzed and interpreted as a light impulse of the installation. That`s why the realtime animation on LUMATIK surface reflects the surrounding movements on the spot in front of the facade. The everyday procedures will be converted on an abstract level in realtime. LUMATIK is positioning itself on top of contemporary art due to its situational meaning and its in realtime generated surface. Beside its artistic ambitions, LUMATIK is simply stunning to watch.

»LUMATIK – a light installation with
the idea of a medial membrane.«



The facade in LUMATIK concept is not just a window-front, but sort of a membrane, enables communication by releasing its front downwards as a part of urban culture.

The University of Applied Sciences and its partners are active and trendsetting parts in our culture and society. With our project, we want to give a clear signal and take part in social development. LUMATIK will be a bright sign facing this aim - and it will release a pulse for future times.

LUMATIK is hip in an aesthetic and conceptual way. Because of its reduced design vocabulary and its data content based on process, we will be curious about controversial issue about the project. All participants of LUMATIK act courageously and will benefit from this action.

LUMATIK offers a change to be noticed in a wide range. It offers the possibility to position us in society and publicity in a concise way. LUMATIK is able to communicate for us, because it will draw the attention of press coverage. Its dimensions and its strict structure will make LUMATIK a highly visible sign.

»The architecture of our building is seen as space for dynamic creativity and reflects our self-concept in a perfect way.«



»LUMATIK can become reality and be a visible
and shiny sign«

Because of its reaction depending on the situation in front of the building, LUMATIK is integrating the facade, the installation, the space in front of and beside the facade and last but not least the viewer in its concept.

LUMATIK wants to assimilate all project members as well: the guarantor, the partners, the sponsors, the advisors and constructors, the developer and creative professionals as well as the residents of the building. In their vision of making LUMATIK work. Meeting this challenge means a high degree of trust and assistance of all project members to achieve success. Everybody can be part of the problem but also part of the solution.

LUMATIK can be a sign for future action and this starts just now - planning the project. Why is there a need for administration, building authorities, partner and sponsors to be engaged in this project? The answer is confidence in a bright idea and a promising concept as well having confidence in the project team. But in the first place it is enthusiasm for making LUMATIK really work.



The layout of LUMATIK is simple. Inside of the facade oblong LED lights will be integrated. The lights are positioned exactly behind the grid of the facade structure. That`s why the lights don't modify the architectural arrangement and still provide perspective.

All lights are arranged width some customary component and a control device. This provides a central control system, managing to dim the lights.

The control system for all turn on pulses is implemented on a main computer. This host system is connected with help of an interface to all the LED lights.

The LUMATIK Software reviews all movements in front of the facade to search for changing and recurrent actions and transforms this to dynamic light patterns.

At the same time the host system receives recording pictures of a digital camera, scanning the situation in front of the facade.

LUMATIK seen in a technical way consists of LED lights, placed in every element of the facade grid, some digital cameras and a main computer. In order to this simple set and the absence of any mechanical wearing part, the attendance of the system will be easy. Because LUMATIK isn't using any consumable material, the installation will work most of the time independently. Just the life cycle of LED lights needs a replacement from time to time. But this will produce only low costs. The attendance of the system is assumed by the project team to ensure that everything will run smoothly.



The Prototyp of the LUMATIK project, stretches out over 3x4 elements of the glass facade.



LUMATIK is developed at time based media class, university of applied sciences Augsburg, faculty of Design

Team 2008: Supervision: Team 2009: Partner:
Katrin Eberhard
Philipp Rockel
André Wachter

Prof. Robert Rose

Katrin Eberhard
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Claudia Kobielski
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University of applied sciences Augsburg,
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